When I started reviewing beer, it was, like many other aspects of my life, a way to collect data. I wear a wrist band that tracks my health and movements. My iPhone, iPad and Laptop track my location, elevation, speed and other aspects. I have sensors in my shoes, in my car and an app that knows when I wake up and when I fall asleep. I compound this data in the same way I prolifically blog, tweet and privately journal my life. I suffer from a lack of long term memory. Faces, events and achievements are blurred after a few weeks so I track it all through data collection that’s passive and very manual. 

Reviewing beer was my way to track something I like doing which is try new things and it’s cool to keep a record of what I’m drinking. I do it via Excel spreadsheets, Untappd, Tweets, this blog and RateBeer. Without these reviews, I would surely forget a lot of what I’ve spent time and money to learn. For me, this blog is necessary. So, it being a selfish endeavor, I greatly appreciate the 200 or so people that stop by each day to read what I’ve been drinking. Thank you.

I joined the beer scene mid-January and now, on the 31st of July, I have reached 500 beer reviews. That’s an average of 2.77 beers per day every day since I started. It’s a lot but something I’ve enjoyed tremendously. This rate of reviews is not sustainable so I am confident that I won’t be at 1,000 this coming January but maybe I will. We’ll see. Here’s review #500:

Why did I pick THIS beer? Well, it’s one of the first corked & caged beers I ever had at some time in August of 2010. I told the story earlier in the life of this blog. It’s one of 4 30th Anniversary beers I have left in the cellar and the beer that turned me on to craft beer as being more than just something to get buzzed on. 

Sierra Nevada 30th Barley wine


   AROMA 8/10   APPEARANCE 4/5   TASTE 7/10   PALATE 3/5   OVERALL 14/20

adamjackson (500) – Canaan, USA – JUL 30, 2012

Review #500 

A – Whoa. The cork opened with a huge intensity. The scent gushed out. Poured a burnt caramel brown out of the bottle. 1 finger of tan head that faded slowly. In the glass, it looks pretty dark and close to black in appearance. 

S – Mild level of booze on the nose. Lots of burnt caramel candy scent. Some really nice sweetness. 

T – Wow. After 2 years, this is still a very sweet Barley wine. Burnt citrus is dominant here. Some orange zest and caramel. Birch and Maple wood and spruce tips. I get a hint of cocoa and cherries at the finish. 

M – 20% carbonation on the mouth swish. Heavy body and sweet fruity finish. 

O – I had this beer fresh 2 years ago. It was intense but started my appreciation and love for craft beer. Today, I have 3 of these in the cellar and, at the 2 year mark it tastes fantastic but could use some more time. I’m excited to see how this tastes 3 years from now. 

Sierra Nevada 30th Barley wine

Sierra Nevada 30th Barley wine