Picked up a 4-Pack. It’s already gone. Loved having this beer out by my river. Relaxing hop goodness.

Hoptimum Double IPA



adamjackson (229) – Canaan, USA – APR 18, 2012

Picked up a 4-Pack at the Co-Op. Stoked to try this. I stuck it in the fridge and poured into a pint glass.Bottle says 2090111:08. 

A – 3-Finger head that’s an off white light tan appearance. Creamy top, tiny bubbles that stuck around for a while. Deep gold double-IPA appearance. 

S – Huge pine resin bitterness on the nose. Simcoe and Citra dominate the hop profile. Very bitter, lots of citrus fruits, lots of dry hops. 

T – Wow. This is an intensely bitter beer. Huge front to back tongue coverage of hops. T’he dry hops in this beer are amazingly bitter and very puckering in their delivery. This leads to lots of floral tastes, grapefruit, tangerine, some kiwi and woodiness. 

M – 60/40 carbonation, very heavy beer as far as drinkability goes. So hoppy, you’re gonna want to sip this beer slowly. 

O – The label appropriately is a picure of a guy with a hop as his head and this taste lives up to that. This beer is incredible but quickly wears on you. Half way in the dry hop aspects start to weigh you down a lot and your taste buds grow tired of it. I think the 4-pack will last you a week because you just can’t drink this beer every day unless you are a true hop-head.

Hoptimum Double IPA

Hoptimum Double IPA