Spearpoint Winery Meritage '04

Prior to my move to New Hampshire, my friend and mentor and sometimes hacking partner, Dom Sagolla gifted me a bottle of wine. “I made this” he said as he hand wrote the wine and vintage with a pen that was always in attached to his notebook. This was 2009 and I took it home for a special occasion. For some reason, today when the rain started falling through a cloud-less sky of sunshine, I smiled a bit. It reminded me of those San Francisco rain-storms that often came out of nowhere through the sunshine but quickly passed by toward the Marin Headlands. I thought of my time spent at Dom’s house creating art and the stories we shared. I went down to the cellar and grabbed the bottle. Here is a review:

Spearpoint Winery Meritage ’04

Appearance – Gorgeous dark red. Reminds me a lot of very rich strawberry or raspberry juice. Decent alcohol legs fade down the edge of the glass. Zero haze, sediment or clouds. The most deep edges of the glass are more purple than red.

Scent – Lots of strawberries and plums. Mild hint of tropical fruits. Back of the throat, I get grape skin and burnt oak. After a few minutes breathing, there’s more merlot characteristics coming through. Fruit has faded away a bit.

Taste – Taste is still more plums and raspberries. More oakiness as the wine breathes and, unfortunately, the great taste of the fruits has faded considerably as it sits out on my table. At the cork pop, it was like drinking a tropical fruit juice with a boozy burn in the throat. The wine became flat pretty fast, almost too fast but what’s left behind is very much a merlot with big tropical fruit notes that is pleasant. 

Mouthfeel – Slick and dry mouthfeel. More of the dry grape skin feel and lingering strawberry juice taste on the finish.

I won’t rate this one because the value and taste of this bottle is overshadowed by the memories with one of my best friends. Going to enjoy this bottle under the rain and sip slowly to savor every drop. Thanks Dom.

Spearpoint Winery Meritage '04

Spearpoint Winery Meritage '04