StoneFace RIS (Bourbon Barrel)

Overall 4.3/5

AdamChandler (3930) – Enfield, New Hampshire, USA – DEC 5, 2015

This is a 500ML bottle shared by AirForceHops. Picked up at the brewery on Black Friday.

A – this is pitch black, completely black, not quite oily but certainly dense. a single finger tan head produces and remains.

S – The aroma is boozy but honestly, not a hot, liquor booze but more of a, “hey I’m bourbon. what’s up?” Vanilla, chocolate covered espresso beans and coconut are the most pronounced aromas. There’s a very faint peppery licorice aroma present. The very classic malted barley is also very present.

T – This drinks way bigger than a 9.5% Impy Stout. Probably more chocolate forward than I ever experienced. So much that it’s more like chewing on a fudge Brownie with hints of vanilla bean. Cocoa, a lot of vanilla and at the finish, you get a slight burn, roasted taste and some dry roasted espresso beans. The roasted barley taste is really good. Dense, so much rich chocolate even at the finish.

M – The mouthfeel is dense velvety almost like a thick latte. really unique

O – It’s hard to stand out among the huge Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stouts of the world. This mouthfeel and really intense flavors are similar to others in the category but I’m truly impressed.

StoneFace RIS (Bourbon Barrel)