Pizza Boy Permasmile


   AROMA 10/10   APPEARANCE 4/5   TASTE 9/10   PALATE 5/5   OVERALL18/20

adamjackson (1930) – Lyme, New Hampshire, USA – FEB 15, 2014  [delete] [move]

Funny story about how I got this one but to put it bluntly, this beer was totally a gift from a friend that was passing through my area. He gave this to me during the summer months and I had it in my cellar until this February and shared it with another friend who was passing by at 55F cellar temp in stemware.A – This beer despite being upright for 6 months was insanely cloudy like the most cloudy, fresh off the UPS truck yeast sediment grossness cloudy but it was this bright orange gorgeous color that reminded me of a cloudy Fou Foune. Just incredibly looking. There was some pellicle particles in my glass and sticky-icky lacing that persistently had me scrubbing my glass with a sponge once done.

S – HUGE nose of lactic bright acidity, grape skins, earthy, tree bark, sweet fig newtons, lemon bars and cheesecake. Very acidic tartness and had me thinking this was going to be a vinegar forward Upland beer. Thankfully, I was wrong.

T – WOWWOWOWOWOW Barely a hint of vinegar like none. BOOM apricot, mango, floral honey-dew, rose hips and peaches. Most importantly, the most muscadine forward beer I’ve ever had. Maybe this is like some child-hood throw back but I used to eat these things growing naturally in Alabama as a kid growing up like growing out of ’strip pits’ and really gross conditions and this was like a muscadine beer. Straight up grapey, peach fuzz muscadine earthy beer with tart wine-like acidity that hits you hard at first and sticks around just incredible.

M – Explosive carbonation but has a 7up like soda carbonation that really blends well with the tart fruit.

O – This was easily my favorite American Wild ale ever made. Incredibly juicy, wine forward everyone should try this beer once and now Pizza Boy is on my must stop list anytime I’m passing through PA.

Pizza Boy Permasmile

Pizza Boy Permasmile