The Bruery Mocha Black Tuesday


   AROMA 8/10   APPEARANCE 4/5   TASTE 7/10   PALATE 2/5   OVERALL13/20

AdamJackson (1986) – Lyme, New Hampshire, USA – FEB 22, 2014  [delete] [move]  [convert2tick]

2014 Hoarders Society. Thanks Eric for sending this my way! Enjoyed this 750 with Chris on Saturday after enjoying some imperial stouts at Portsmouth Brewery / Earth Eagle. Stoked to try this with a fellow BA Coffee Stout lover.A – Out of the bottle, pours a solid black but with some translucent notes. In the glass, a tiny head forms but fades instantly. It’s basically flat. It has the blackness of a porter in the glass.

S – The coffee nose is so similar to Melange 8 / Mash & Grind. Almost a sweet coffee aroma like creamy latte. It is overwhelmingly coffee + chocolate and that’s pretty much it.

T – Jeez. There is a ton going on in this beer. It’s definitely like a latte with vanilla beans, soy milk, espresso and cream. It has a ton of hazelnut and french vanilla I mean I really feel like I’m drinking a cheap gas station coffee with an ounce of jack daniels in it. Nutty, sweet, boozy, coffee forward. Really interesting and delicious.

M – Oily and sweet. Has a vodka or gin mouthfeel, slick, boozy but not huge carbonation or mouthfeel.

O – I enjoyed this beer a lot. Should be split 4 ways among even the most hardcore beer geeks.

The Bruery Mocha Black Tuesday

The Bruery Mocha Black Tuesday