I was browsing /r/mead on Reddit and saw this post which took me to this profile which took me to this page on Go Fund Me.

I guess I didn’t put two things together on this one but when I received the most recent Schramm’s Mazer Member update from Alyson, it was straight to business which gave me the vibe that things were going okay and that her and James’ daughter was improving and doing well. Obviously, I know very little about premature births and the critical nature of them.

From the Schramm’s update email via Alyson:

Many of you already know that in the past few months my father, Ken, tore the tendon off his left bicep, which resulted in lifting restrictions, my grandmother was hospitalized with Norovirus (which may have spread to my father), and my husband James and I had a baby girl extremely prematurely through an emergency c-section last month. She is still in the NICU. This is very much a family operation and these recent events have resulted in some set backs in terms of production at the meadery. We apologize for the delays in this release and the lack of information and communication to our Mazer Club members.

After going to the page on Go Fund Me started by Ken Schramm, I put up $100 toward helping their family with what must be some enormous medical bills. I’ve tracked James’ Q&As on Reddit and TalkBeer. He’s one of the most helpful and active mead-makers I’ve seen online. His father in law, Ken has published so much that has helped a lot of mead makers get their start and Alyson, as Operations Manager has the tireless job of dealing with people like me who ask about reserving bottles and for updated price-lists, etc.

If you’re a fan of Schramm’s mead and have some spare cash, please consider donating.