Late December Snow Fall - New Hampshire

This is still sort of a blip of thought process and nothing really concrete but I’ve been thinking about doing more non-beer stuff. Obviously, it’s my blog and I can do what I want but the feedback is valuable. Ten years ago, I had almost a dozen blogs on every subject matter that interested me. I merged them all together in 2009 and the single blog never really outpaced the separate blogs in traffic because the niche audiences only interested in technology didn’t want to hear about my travel stories. This is what I plan on adding over the coming months:

  1. Food Pairings
  2. Vermont beer news, reviews & travel tips
  3. Bourbon Reviews
  4. Wine Reviews

I’ve thought about adding content that Beer Served Rare is doing and post about releases but that blog is great and they do a fine job without me adding to the noise. The Fuj does a great job of covering general adventures in beer like “here’s some stuff I’m up to lately” and catalouging it in photos. I can’t produce his quality of publication but you guys should add him to your bookmarks.

Beer will remain the focus of this blog but if I’m drinking a glass of wine or enjoy how well an ale pairs with something I cooked, it would be nice to share that here without a fear or losing readership. If you have thoughts, I’m all ears.

While I have you, I run a beer tasting group for normal beer drinkers in my area. That’s really the best way to describe it. They don’t rate or trade beers or hang out on booze forums and we meet up twice a month at local events or after work. If you’re in Central VT/NH area, let me know and I’ll send you details to the group mailing list.