Sadly, I didn’t take any notes! But will at the next go around Also, didn’t bring my camera so lack of notepad and camera means it’s basically as if I didn’t even drink any of these! Tickers gotta tick. Thank you, come again. 

IMG 5799

Summary from memory though

1. Pikesville was $18 for a 1.75 and was awesome. Would be great for cocktails!

2. Sazerac was smooth and like candy

3. Thomas Handy was insanely hot but a drop of water totally killed it. Needs to breathe no doubt. Incredibly spicy and really amazing considering it’s 4 years old.

4. Leopold Brothers Whiskey was huge on the vanilla and cinnamon. Not bad for a $50 +/- bottle.

5. This was originally was some single barrel whiskey and I can’t remember which one but it was one of my favorites!

6 Elijah 18 was nice but loaded with Oak and very thin and one dimensional for such a pricey bourbon. I’d prefer the 12 year any day both in cost and taste

7. Elmer T. Lee I can’t even remember.