In the last 6 months, I’ve learned a lot about beer. 6 months is nearly no time at all but I made it my 2nd job. I spend 6 hours a day for the last 6 months thinking about beer and learning all I could about it. The statement, “it’s just beer.” is very subjective and often used to bring things back to Earth when a conversation about beer just gets too intense. “Dude, I flew overnight just to get a Russian River beer at the brewery” and, soon enough, someone will utter “It’s just beer.”

To those of us who are on Internet forums about beer, taking Beer-Cations and reviewing a liquid that’s really just intended to get us drunk, it’s not just beer. It’s far more than that. The last 6 months have been pretty awesome. I continue to feel lucky to have experienced so much in the beer world and I continue to grow each day. My reviews still suck, I still make stupid mistakes when buying beer or trading for the wrong things or sometimes packing beers incorrectly for trades or selling beers on eBay but, I correct my mistakes the best I can and live to drink another beer.

The cellar is not a museum. Nothing in there is off-limits and I enjoy walking into it and grabbing something at random to share with friends. It’s a way to have anything I want always on tap. It’s also a visual indication of the journey I’ve made since cellaring my first beer in a wine rack in my hallway in November and reviewing my first beer at the end of January. 

Here’s to the journey and the people I’ve shared beer with and had beers shared with me. Thanks for taking the time to watch the videos and read this blog. I’m now seeing over 100 unique people per day with spikes of 300-400 when I say something that random beer geeks consider stupid. Pageviews are page views so no complaints here. 

Have a good day.