Trades are ridiculous everywhere. Someone offered 2 West Ashley’s and TWELVE Beats for a BVDL! And it looks like it didn’t get done?!

The “inflation of trade value” or whatever is due to a VERY SMALL number of people, like, one person, who really wants a fucking beer, and goes so goddamn overboard, and then the other traders see it and go “Well, I guess that’s the value of my beer, then!!”

Basically this.A decent beer is released with an adjunct most people universally like (vanilla, apricots, coffee) and then “gotta catch ‘em all” assholes put up insane offers and then suddenly the value is X when it should be way less. 

Whatever. The game is serious business now. drink local? Well that’s easier for Vermonters to say but there are great breweries almost everywhere now. Not trading and saving up for trips to Belgium is really how it should be. Works out well for me. 

____ the haters? LOL