Cantillon - Brussels, Belgium

This is more of a preliminary announcement for my readers in Benelux but I’ll be in the area March 5th – 8th to see some friends and also attend the Alvinne festival. This trip also includes a 24 hour stop-over in Istanbul to take photos and rate some beers from a new country. Mostly, I just wanted the extra Star Alliance miles.

Here’s a schedule-preview:

  • Arrive in Brussels, 4th of March @ 21:45
  • 5th: Beer buying w/ Rental car (3 Fonteinen, Cantillon, Hopduvel Gent, etc)
  • 6-7 Alvinne Festival with Tim, Eugene, Dylan, others?
  • 8th: Grote Dorst for lunch and beers
  • 8th evening (plane ride to Istanbul)
I have a few trades already established so apologies that I can’t arrange any further trades while there. On the 5th, I will be hitting Brussels, Gent and Antwerp so let’s meet if we can. I’d like to visit Kulminator again on this trip as the last 2 times it has been closed.
A return visit is planned in May when I’ll be visiting France, Belgium, Copenhagen and Stockholm with hopefully a single day in Cologne Germany.
See you all very soon!