Guys, I’m stoked. I was in Belgium a year ago and really ‘home-sick’ for my favorite country in the world to visit. It’s not just about the beer, food, people, sights, culture and wonderful weather (mild, rainy and dreary are my thing)…wait, yes it’s about all of those things. I love Belgium and the fact it’s on the French and Dutch borders are just a bonus. 

Since my hobbies and financial priorities are shifted lately (more on that in another post), I haven’t been allocating travel funds to Belgium appropriately. I was going 4 times a year from 2010-2014 then in 2015, I only went twice.This year, once is it unless work decides I’m worthy of another trip to the best country ever. 

What’s the point of this trip?

Well, Heather and I are going and the agenda is pretty relaxed. 

  1. I have nearly 50 bottles of Lambic held for me from a few traders and I owe them beer in return so I’ll do a few in person trades. My Belgian RateBeer friends grab bottles for me year-round but that means I have to go see them at least yearly
  2. Visit Struise, Westvleteren, a few beer stores that I like to not post about here, visit 3F, Cantillon, Delirium Hoppy Loft and eat at some of my favorite spots. 
  3. See Paris for the first time since that’s where we fly into and pickup the rental car
  4. Heather and I might do wineries in France but likely we grab our rental car and just head directly to Belgium.

Dates for this trip are July 1st – 6th. How patriotic of me to spend 4th of July in Belgium 🙂

As usual, if any friends in Belgium want to meet, please let me know. If there are any events, I’d love to join you and rate some new beer. Unfortunately, I can’t take on any new trades this week.