*warning, crummy iPhone photos ahead*

I was in Northern California for a week and the company gave me a rental car so I got to hit a few places. You can see all of them via my place ratings on RateBeer. I snapped some photos throughout the week and wanted to share them as well as some thoughts on various breweries. This is not as polished as most of the blog posts here..most posts here are thrown together without really a thought on formatting…and this just a random post of iPhone shots. Meh.

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing – Solid IPA, taster was cheap and the place was very ‘hip’ you could walk around the brewery while they were brewing batches which was strange. Their hefeweizen was pretty impressive for wheat beers.
Mikkeller Spontan  @ 99 Bottles Santa Cruz
This was taken at 99 Bottles of Beer in Santa Cruz. Lately, I’ve been trying to track down as many Mikkeller Spontan-beers as possible because quite a few are on the RateBeer top 50 Lambic – Fruit category. These are not lambic but as a completionist, I’m trying what I can. This was actually pretty good. Pricey for a 375ML
6 Geese-a-Laying @ Burger Santa Cruz
Bruery 6 Geese-a-Laying on tap at Burger in Santa Cruz. I also had Humulus Lager at Mikkeller Bar SF. It’s cool seeing Bruery beers on tap.
The Rare Barrel
The Turkey Panini at Rare Barrel in Oakland was actually not bad. The pesto was pretty weak.
The Rare Barrel
A single barrel dark sour beer with Sightglass coffee added smelled amazing, tasted pretty bad. Rare Brrel does have a nice setup with their tasting room basically in the beer warehouse.
The Rare Barrel
Another shot @ Rare Barrel.
Cellarmaker Brewing Company
Cellar Maker in SoMA SF is a new brewery. Their 10% stout and coffee stouts were both awesome. the pales fell short. The place is very small and was packed with people. Obviously, they’re selling a ton of beer which is great!
Virtue Cider in SF
I was at Blackwell’s spirits dropping some things off and I noticed Virtue Cider is in Cali now. Awesome for them!
Boulder Creek Brewing Co.
Surfrider Cafe in Santa Cruz is owned by Boulder Creek so they had a lot of those beers on tap. Most were just okay.
Boulder Creek Brewing Co.
Sampler at Surfrider Cafe – Tickers gotta tick!
Discretion Brewing
Taplist at Discretion Brewing in Santa Cruz
Discretion Brewing
Their Abbey triple at Discretion was pretty awesome. Overall, they have a lot of solid beers , most above average in taste.
Seabright Brewery - Santa Cruz
Seabright Brewing / pub was overall a let down. Pricey, I went there for the ticks, left disappointed.
Burger - Santa Cruz
Burger in Santa Cruz had a very diverse menu. 40+ beers on tap and they had Four Roses bourbon on tap…yes, draft bourbon. Seriously.

Santa Cruz was a lot of fun. I hit places in SF, Santa Rosa, Oakland and the bay area peninsula that week and ended up getting 129 beer ratings so far in January. My record is 149 in August but that’s beer festival month so that sort of makes sense. Travel is great and I look forward to sharing more bay area adventures this year.