Belgians love Bouncy Castles. I asked 5 different Belgians from 4 different regions of the country what it is about these contraptions and their presence at beer events in Belgium, “because people have kids and you entertain the kids while you drink”

Logically yes but this is a stark contrast between the American and European drinking cultures. Beer tours are a family event for Europeans while Americans are busy trying to find a babysitter. I think American Beer Festivals could use a few more bouncy-castles.

De Troche - Toer de Gueuze 2015

De Troch’s

Mort Subite - Toer de Gueuze 2015

Mort Subite - Toer de Gueuze 2015

Mort Subite

Lindeman's - Toer de Gueuze 2015


These are some seriously incredible air filled castles of fun. Baloeba is making some serious coin during these events. Almost every brewery for TdG had one.