Night of the Great Thirst - Belgium

As I mentioned here a few weeks ago, I’m heading back to Belgium which is slowly turning into my home away from home and for $600 USD roundtrip and free lodging, it’s not even a big burden to spend a week with friends drinking my favorite beers. My previous post had an itinerary but I thought it would be nice to post the finalized view here and if any of my readers want to sync up, please reach out in the comments or on Twitter, Ratebeer, Untappd, carrier pigeon.

3/4: Arrive in Brussels at 8:45, pick up my rental car

3/5: Up early for a day of beer buying. General schedule:

  • Cantillon @ Opening
  • Followed by a visit to 3 Fonteinen to grab Kriek and Gueuze and chat with Armand
  • Beer Circus Store
  • Hopduvel Gent
  • If I have time, a visit to Struise taproom
  • Fantome
  • Drinks @ Moeder Lambic
  • Tasting at Tim’s House, I’ll be bringing mostly American Double IPAs that are fresh from Hill Farmstead (2 days old)
3/6: Alvinne Craft Beer Festival is from 2PM-10PM. Before that, I’ll probably go to our Belgian office for a bit to see some colleagues. I also have to be at 3 Fonteinen when they open on Friday. Not sure why but when I get emails from readers with that advice, I follow orders.
3/6: Day 2 of ACBF 12PM – 9PM. with some after party at a local bar. I’ll follow everyone’s lead on this one. I can’t begin to describe the craziness this festival will be. It’s going to be insane.
3/7: Sunday, be at Grote Dorst when they open, have 2-3 beers then head to De Cam when they open. Hopefully I can have some time with the brewer before I have to catch my flight to Istanbul  at 6PM.
Friday & Saturday are still relatively open.Arriving at Alvinne late is fine or leaving early is also fine. I’d love to visit Jigger’s Cocktail lounge and see my friend Olivier if time permits. A busy 4 day trip. I’m very excited!

18 Bottle Gueuze Tasting - Ghent Belgium