Vermont Beer Passport Schwag Bag of Goodies

Myself and two friends spent the summer going to every brewery on the Vermont Beer Passport. It’s funny because on day-one, the first brewery we hit saw our passport with 15 breweries and said, “you have the old one” and gave us a passport with 25 breweries…..

Then toward the end of our travels, we received another updated passport with close to 30 on it. We went to a lot of breweries this summer and I mailed in 2 evenly completed passports for a total of 30 breweries and got this in the mail as a gift. This is the stuff you get when you visit all VT breweries in the booklet

  • “Drink Vermont Beer” shirt
  • VT Brewers Hat
  • Eco-Beer Tote
  • 2 Coasters
  • 1 Bumper Sticker
  • 1 heavy duty metal bottle opener

Not a bad haul for doing what I was already doing which is visiting breweries and drinking their beer. Although we didn’t keep track of mileage but I’m betting it was over 1200 miles for all 6 weekends that we went out and hit clusters of breweries in various parts of VT.