In August, I wrote this post about trying to rate every HFS beer. I’ve made some progress in the 6 months since that post but I think things are slowing down a lot. If any of my readers have some of the bottles I haven’t reviewed, please get in touch.

I’m now the #2 rater of Hill Farmstead beers after James Otey. He has 82 reviews (and I’m sure a few beers from HFS he hasn’t reviewed) and I have 79. I only have 1 more HFS beer in the cellar I haven’t reviewed yet and then I’ll be at 80. Here are the beers I haven’t reviewed still based on bottle or style:


  • Hill Farmstead Civil Disobedience #8 (In Cellar, will review soon)
  • Hill Farmstead Jim (I saw a bottle of this at a tasting, could have asked very nicely to try it but didn’t so I’ve seen a bottle opened in the last 2 months, I just didn’t try it)
  • Hill Farmstead Genealogy
  • Hill Farmstead Iced Coffee Stout (Iced Earl)
The beers below are single-hop IPAs that are brewed as hops become available. It’s safe to assume I’ll eventually get to rate all of these:
  • Galaxy Single Hop Pale Ale
  • Rakau Single Hop Pale Ale
  • Columbus Single Hop Pale Ale
  • Apollo Single Hop Pale Ale
  • Pacifica Single Hop Pale Ale
  • Sorachi Ace Single Hop Pale Ale
  • Summit Single Hop Pale Ale
The below beers were VIP party blends rated by the same 5 people every time. These were one-off and I’ll never be able to review them:
  • Phenomenology of Flora
  • Abner is Enlightenment?
  • Ephraim and Society & Solitude #5
  • Abner Without Principle
  • Civil Disobedience (Release 4.5)
These are all bottled Saisons except Myth of Saison which I believe was draft only. I had it at a festival but didn’t take notes.
  • Civil Disobedience (Release 2)
  • Dorothy
  • Biere de Mars
  • Edith (2010)
  • Phenomena
  • Hill Farmstead/Tired Hands The Myth of Saison
There are 22 beers from HFS I still haven’t had, 1 of which is in the cellar, 5 of these were one-off kegs for beer festivals, 7 are single hop IPAs that could be rebrewed and 9 are retired one-offs unlikely to be rebrewed any time soon. So at this point, I’m trading for old bottles that I’m sure have fallen off or hoping things are rebrewed. I have gone from 65 of Shaun’s beers in August to 80 now in February (79+CD8 in the cellar). That’s pretty awesome that I’ve been able to keep finding stuff to review. 
If any of you know someone that has any of these, let me know.